Internal Audit – A Guarantee Of Improvement Of The Enterprise

Today, the concept of “internal audit” is widespread in business. Many large enterprises and companies prefer to create their internal audit services and departments, training their employees. Also, the labor market is a constantly growing demand for professionals who have relevant knowledge and have an international diploma. The objectives of internal audit in the enterprise […]

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Internal Audit In The Public Sector

When the firm reaches a certain size, it will be necessary to establish a type of additional procedures: the control procedures having the purpose of ensuring the direction of the smooth running of operations. To measure and remedy any discrepancies that may exist between the reality and the requirements of the operational procedures, an inspection […]

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Audit Of Financial Statements

The purpose of accounting is to provide internal and external users with reliable information about the economic condition of the business. An audit conducted on a regular basis allows you to confirm the completeness and accuracy of fixing all business transactions within the company. Such monitoring can be directed both to individual segments of the […]

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Accounting Services – Models Of Outsourcing

Outsourcing is gradually penetrating Russian business and becoming famous. This happens most quickly in the accounting services sector. The forms of interaction between the customer and the executing company are becoming more diverse. There are at least five models of outsourcing, depending on the size of the business. “External chief accountant.” Accounting services “turnkey.” “External […]

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Accounting In Good Hands- Outsource

In India, such a thing as “outsourcing” has appeared quite recently. And accounting outsourcing is gaining its popularity. But in the United States and European countries, most companies have long and successfully delegated non-profitable business processes (including accounting) to specialized firms. Why is the involvement of specialists from the side considered profitable and necessary for […]

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Accounting Audit: Features Of The Service

To maintain the stable operation of any business requires competent accounting and high-quality audit services. On the one hand, it may seem that accounting services for companies and auditing services are entirely different, but only their interaction allows business owners to have reliable financial information and be confident in the future. Our auditing company has […]

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3 Important Steps For Quick And Successful Selection Of An Audit Company In 2018

So, it’s audit time! Tired of the massive amount of tedious negotiations with various audit firms? How to save time, quickly and determine the choice of the auditor? Step 1 Clearly define: what should be a real auditor? The auditor must be independent, honest, objective, and competent, strictly observe quality control and comply with all […]

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What Are The Stages Of An Audit?

Know the phases that accountants and consultants follow to perform optimal audits. Conducting audits has become a constant practice for companies. And it is that both internal and external audits help a company to detect possible risks or fraud, identify areas of opportunity, check compliance with legal and fiscal aspects, know the performance of technological […]

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