Role of Company Registration Consultants in Delhi

As per the Indian government, you need to follow some official procedures to register your company in Indian official records irrespective of your financial status. It is mandatory for both startups and new business. The ministry of corporate affairs has made an online platform to register your company. You can also contact a company registration consultant in Delhi who helps you to get your company registered.

In today’s digital world registering a company is not a big deal. If you can fill online forms or submit documents online, you can do it sitting at home. You have to follow some steps to complete the registration. These are:

  • Getting Director Identification Number (DIN)
  • Getting Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)
  • Fill new user registration form or an eForm
  • Incorporate the company

DSC (Digital Signature Certificate):

The process starts by obtaining an identification number. Each director of the company should have an identification number. According to amendment act 2006, every director of the company should acquire DIN. You can download an eForm known as DIN-1 from the official website of Ministry of Corporate Affairs. Steps involve:

  • Go to MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs) official website and register yourself to get login Id. Once you have filled DIN-1 form, upload it on the website by clicking the upload button. You need to pay applicable fees for getting DIN.
  • Once DIN is generated the director will intimate the company using form DIN-2.
  • The company will intimate the Registrar of Corporate (ROC) about all the directors using form DIN-3.
  • If a company needs any change in DIN or name or address, it will inform ROC using eForm DIN-4.

DSC (Digital Signature Certificate):

The company formation consultants in India will tell you the importance of digital signature. The digital signature certificate is required to secure all the documents which you have uploaded on the MCA official website. Demand for digital signature was amended by an information act 2000. You can get a digital signature by the authorized controller of certification agencies (CCA). A digital signature issued by one agency cannot be used by another person.

If you already possess a digital signature, you do not need to apply for a new one. Just check for the validity of your existing digital signature. Agencies issue it with one or two years validity after that you need to get it to renew from an authorized agency.

New User Registration:

It is a simple task that you can do on MCA official website. New user registration is free of cost. It is about getting registered login ID and eForm filling and paying fees online if applicable.

Company Registration Form:

It is the final step in registering your company. The steps involve are:

  • Form-1:
  1. Form-1A: When you file an application for a new company name, the MCA will send four forms suggesting four different names for your company. You have to choose the one among them.
  2. Form-1: It is used to apply for the company name which you have selected from the given list.


  • Form-18:

It is used to fill up your complete postal and genuine address. In case of an old company it is used to fill the new changed address or situation of the company.


  • Form-32:

New companies use this form to inform MCA for appointing new Director, Manager and Secretary. And old companies use it to send information for the change of Director, Manager and Secretary.

The government has made a Company Formation in India an easy task. Once you have submitted all the forms, you will receive an email containing confirmation for registration of your company name.


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