How Company Formation Consultants Help You!

Most people dream of starting up their company in today’s era but fewer succeed in it. The reason behind this is not because it is quite triple to open a company and become a boss, but the idea is that people are not aware of its fundamental rules and procedures. Because of which, the dream of doing business and maximizing its own business remains incomplete. In this case, if you want to create your company, then it’s a complete process.

Opening your own business from scratch is not as difficult as it seems. However, most start-up entrepreneurs do not know where to start and which company to choose. Even in a crisis, you can find and implement a profitable strategy. So, the current economic situation, which caused a decrease in the share of imported goods in the domestic market and their strong appreciation, provides excellent opportunities for a new beginning.

What criteria should be used when choosing a company formation consultants in India for business development from scratch? First of all, you need to build on your knowledge and experience, or at least your interests. Secondly, it is important to determine geolocation – a metropolis, a regional city or a small town. Thirdly, it is worth thinking about “sexual” affiliation – there are areas of business purely male and especially feminine. Also, do not forget about online technology – modern marketing can be conducted both offline and online.



First of all the registration process has to be completed. Nowadays, this process has become much more comfortable than getting online, but still, it takes two weeks for the registration of a private limited company. Registration forms can be submitted online and offline in both ways.

Attractive name:

The most important thing is that the company’s name should be retractable. Also, the relevant document should be deposited as soon as the registration process begins, so that the company does not take much time to register. At least two and more 15 members should be connected to open a company.

Two shareholders:

Private Limited should have at least two directors and at least 15 directors and at least two shareholders. Apart from this, after the permit of the Corporate Affairs Ministry, 200 stockholders can also be kept.

18 years of age:

The age of candidates must be above than 18 years to become director of a private limited company. With no degree of requisition, an ordinary person can also become a director. Most notably, foreign citizens can also become directors of the private limited company.

Selection of the place:

To start the company, it is mandatory to give the government a fee of at least one lakh rupees as a fee. Apart from thias advised by company formation consultants, a place is required to start the company from where the company is operated. This place can also be within the commercial, industrial and residential area.

These important documents:

At the time of registration of the company, it is important to have an identity card, PAN card, address proof, identity card, voter ID etc. To get the company registered, first, you need to fill up the form INC-29 and submit it with the necessary documents in the office of the Registrar of Companies.


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